Escudo De Armas
Escudo De Armas is a branding project for a fictitious psychedelic flamenco-tronic rock band from Austin Texas. The band consists of two witchcraft practicing musicians. One a Flamenco guitarist, and one a DJ.

Logo and Logotype
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Vinyl Album Art
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Home and Bio Page
Center for everything Escudo De Armas. Users see the latest happenings with the band in a collage form were news, the latest show photos, and announcements come together.

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App & Interactive Album
Digital Album Art

Spells is a simultaneous digital release with the vinyl Brujas. The album's songs are obtained through an interactive scavenger hunt.

After creating a Spells account the fan would gain access to an exclusive page featuring:
• 10 track Spells album
• Media Player
• Access to exclusive tour tickets
• Access to live streams of concerts
• Access to exclusive merchandise
• Notifications of events near them

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Symbols can be found in various media, such as music magazines and blogs. When a symbol is found the user can draw it in their Spells account or Spells app for their phone. Drawing symbols unlocks various content on the the Spells webpage and songs on the digital album.


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Tarot Cards

Student Project. Ringling College of Art + Design, Fall 2011
Winner of President's Award at Best of Ringling, 2012
Featured in [Brand] Magazine Issue 4 No.2012D