Beta Byte
An Ongoing Project with Alex Gennette

Beta Byte is a community driven product review website. Beta Byte relies on its community to review new technology and beta test upcoming technology.

The site gives the opportunity to become a amateur beta tester to its users. Users can earn karma points for quality reviews and insightful comments. Once they are at a certain level they can opt in to beta test new technology. This in turn gains early hype for an upcoming product and helps the company promote their product.

Beta Byte provides reviews and hype for products based on crowd sourced micro-blogging. These micro blogs are called Bytes.


Take A Photo / Submit A Byte

The mobile app for Beta Byte is an on the go way for beta testers to submit Bytes that include photo or video, a hype level, and a 140 character blurb about their trial with the product so far.

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Product Scanning / Product Rating

For other users the Beta Byte app allows you to browse product reviews through search or even label scanning. Users can then read reviews, rate, upvote/downvote a product, and share a product review to other social networks.

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Users can view an on the go feed of new product reviews or bytes from beta testers.


Sign Up / Profile

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Product Page

Beta Opt In

Student Project. Ringling College of Art + Design, Spring 2012